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Meet Dena.

I’m Dena Zocher, writer and content marketer. I’ve worked with businesses in enterprise software, analytics, big data, agribusiness, finance and sustainability. Along the way, I helped build award-winning campaigns leveraging content marketing to generate $millions in sales (because this stuff really works!).

Little-known fact: My former band Walls of Genius is featured in “Unknown Legends of Rock’n’Roll” by Ritchie Unterberger.

I’ve helped these organizations and others

JD Edwards, QAD, Oniqua, IHS, MCA Connect, CoBank, Telecom Pioneers, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

What you say matters — let me help you say it well

  • White papers
  • Customer case studies and success stories
  • Articles and blogs
  • eBooks and infographics
  • Digital campaigns
  • An incredible network of graphic design and web design partners who make you look as good as you sound.

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